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How Can Peterson Legal, PLLC Help You?

We are a firm committed to helping individuals fight back against powerful institutions. Ryan Peterson represents consumers against debt collectors and credit bureaus who abuse and bully individuals dealing with personal finance issues. We also offer a one hour paid consultation where we review and analyze your credit report and give you tips on how to improve your credit standing.

What Makes Ryan Peterson Uniquely Qualified?

An important weapon in Ryan's arsenal is his first-hand knowledge of the debt collection industry. As a former debt collection attorney, Ryan knows how the game is played and can work the system for the advantage of the consumer. Financial strain is already stressful without the added weight of bullying debt collectors. Peterson Legal can help ease the burden by handling the debt on your behalf. Let Ryan stand up for you against harassing calls and fight in your corner for an equitable solution. Ryan is dedicated to the needs of his clients and his professional representation could be the first step you need on your journey toward financial wellbeing.

Ryan's experience provided him with an understanding of the legalities surrounding inaccurate credit reporting and unfair debt collection practices. He will leverage this professional experience, as well as his passion for standing up to bullies, to help you achieve the best possible results in the following practice areas:

Navigating both the financial system and the court system can be incredibly complex. Peterson Legal can break down that complexity into language that a real person will understand. Ryan treats every client with the respect they deserve and would never judge or shame those who have found themselves in a troubling situation.

Ryan understands the impact credit reports and debt collectors can have on your life and is dedicated to providing compassionate counsel and representation. You deserve an attorney who will listen to your needs. We serve Edina, Minnesota and the surrounding area.

Contact Peterson Legal, PLLC For A Consultation

Let Peterson Legal stand between you and greedy corporate bullies. Call today for a consultation about your case. There are no stupid questions. Peterson Legal can help guide you in the right direction and point you toward the best course of action for your unique situation. Find help now by sending an email to [email protected] or calling 612-367-6568.


  • Honesty

    When I first contacted Ryan, it would have been my first time to ever have contacted a lawyer for legal council purposes. I was a bit hesitant and reserved in opening conversations, but those thoughts or feelings were immediately dispelled by his openness, honesty, and free and airy conversation.... Read On

  • Godsend

    Ryan is a godsend! I was understandably nervous when I received documentation from a creditor in the mail. Being unfamiliar with consumer rights laws and fair debt collection practices, I figured I would let my court date come and go and deal with the outcome later.  That's when Ryan stepped in... Read On

  • Patient

    Ryan Peterson took the time to assess my situation, give me his opinion and several options to take action on. I had no firsthand experience in legal matters and so I did not understand how stressful they could be. Yet he was patient and his support was exactly what I needed to push through it. ... Read On

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